Welcome to Chadwick High School

Located in Lancaster we are a secondary alternative provision school that provide full time education and support for up to 90 learners who are not accessing mainstream education. We have an inclusive philosophy and believe passionately in ensuring that all pupils are provided with the opportunities, skills and qualifications which enable them to make positive lifelong contributions to society.

“Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or an equal motivation, but every child has the right to develop their talent, their ability, their motivation.” – JFK

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Within this website you will find all relevant information about our school and the services we offer for our pupils, parents and other education providers. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Christine Mitchell, Head Teacher

Mission Statement

Everybody at Chadwick High School has the right to learn and work to the best of their abilities, to feel safe, to be respected and to be fairly treated.

Chadwick High School is an inclusive school which has high aspirations and expectations of all of its pupils. The school works collaboratively with mainstream educational establishments, local alternative providers and Teaching School Alliances to ensure maximum success for all of its pupils.

Our Core Principles

Everybody at Chadwick High School has

The right to learn and work to the best of their abilities

At Chadwick High School this means that everybody should be ready to learn so that pupils can make good progress and outcomes can be achieved. It means that staff should be well prepared and deliver high quality challenging lessons which combined with regular feedback enable our pupils to make good progress.

To feel safe

At Chadwick High School this means that everybody has a responsibility to ensure that all disagreement is resolved through discussion. Pupils who have worries about bullying behaviour are taken seriously, their concerns investigated and appropriate action taken. The behaviour of everyone should ensure that an orderly learning environment exists.

To be respected and to be fairly treated

At Chadwick High School this means that everybody has the right to teach, learn and achieve their outcomes. Everybody should therefore use appropriate language, listen and speak calmly and politely to one another in a way which enables each individual to grow and feel a welcome part of our school. Everybody is supported and enabled to grow and make progress regardless of their gender, race, background or faith. We look after our buildings and grounds and make all visitors feel welcome.

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