Pupil Premium

PPG Strategy at Chadwick High 

At Chadwick High….. 

All members of staff, governors and teaching assistants accept responsibility for ‘socially disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within the school environment. Chadwick High is committed to ‘Narrowing the Gap’ between vulnerable pupils and the pupil premium forms a vital part of that process. The Management Committee reserve the right to allocate the pupil premium funding to support any pupils or groups of pupils the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged. 

Provision will be made through 

  • Facilitating pupils’ access to education 
  • Facilitating pupils’ access to the curriculum 
  • Alternative support and intervention within the school 

Main Barriers to Education for PPG Students at Chadwick High 

  • Historic poor attendance and punctuality at their last school 
  • Periods of exclusion from school creating gaps in learning 
  • Un assessed learning needs which contribute to non engagement and low level disruptive behaviours 
  • Low expectations and self esteem 

Addressing the Barriers 

By understanding the needs of our PPG students we can develop the strategies that will support them in; 

  • Assessing learning needs 
  • Meeting learning needs 
  • Filling gaps in their education 
  • Developing their potential 
  • Preparing them for the future 

The Chadwick Strategy involves 

  • Full assessment of all students to identify unmet learning needs. 
  • Working closely with referring schools in curriculum mapping 
  • Personal Learning Plan for every student. 
  • Additional resources for supporting learning in class and 1:1 
  • Therapeutic interventions 
  • Mental Health awareness and supportive interventions 
  • Counselling services for students and family 
  • Motivational and inspirational experiences 
  • Initiatives for attendance, attainment and effort 
  • Revision guides and additional lessons 
  • Key worker for every student with close home links. 
  • A curriculum offer which meets the needs of students and prepares them for their futures 
  • A CEIAG programme that prepares them for their next steps in education, apprenticeship or work.  Only xx% of PPG students became NEET at Chadwick High 

Financial Funding for PPG 

The allocation for PPG funding for this year is as detailed below.  It is worth noting that because of the way in which funding is allocated and the transient nature of our students funding does not always match the actual number of PPG students in the school.  However as a school we will always strive to meet the needs of our PPG students regardless of the actual funding given. 

PPG Funding received as at 1 Apr 2019 

Total number of students on roll 1 Apr 19    83 
Total number of students eligible for PPG 1 Apr 19    45 (54%) 
Amount of Indicative PPG funding per pupil  0 EVER3 @ £300 

42 EVER6 @ £935 

0 EVER6 Service Child @ £300 

0 CLA @ £2300 





Total amount of PPG received    £39,270 
Redetermination at 31/3/20 based on January 2019 census    nyk 
Actual PPG Funding for 2019/20    nyk 

Responsibility for reporting  

The responsibility for the reporting of the PPG strategy to the Governors will be allocated to the Principal and School Business Manager. This report will be supported by key providers of the school’s inclusion services. Progress and Attainment Leaders will be asked to report on the intervention in place for key pupils and the impact that intervention has had. 

Performance Measures 


This figure is based on average attendance rates and includes students who have 0% attendance, quite often for reasons which are beyond the scope of the school to intervene. 

Table  PPG  Non PPG  Variance 
Year 7  75.6%  76.9%  -1.3 
Year 8  60.4%  n/a   
Year 9  44.8%  64.4%  -19.6 
Year 10  35.8%  51.2%  -15.4 
Year 11  37.3%  24.4%  -12.9 


Measure  PPG (17)  Non PPG (19)  Variance 
Basics 9 – 1  71% (12)  79% (15)  -8% 
Basics 9 – 4  6% (1)  26% (5)  -20% 
5 GCSE 9- 1  41% (7)  58% (11)  -17% 

Meeting unmet need 

This measure highlights how important our commitment to funding the assessment of need within the school is. 

Table  Cohort  PPG  Non PPG 
SEN Support plan  All students     
Statutory Assessment  13  10 (77%)  3 (23%) 
Educational Psychologist  14  11 (79%)  3 (21%) 
Specialist Intervention  15     
Key Worker Boxal/SEAL  All students     
EHCP  10  8 (80%)  2 (20%) 

Positive Futures 

Our CEIAG programme helps to prepare our students in making a positive choice when they leave school. Our success is reflected in the National NEET figure for similar schools which is 55%. 

Destination  All  PPG  Non PPG  Variance 
College or Further Education  64% (21)       
Apprenticeship  12% (4)       
Employment  9% (3)       
NEET  15% (5)       

New for our PPG Strategy in 2019/20 

One additional way in which we are looking to use PPG is in the development of our school curriculum to incorporate vocational pathways with career based areas of study. 

Many of our PPG students are interested in studying towards work skills and leaving school to go into employment and training.  For them a curriculum that prepares them for working is more relevant than lots of GCSE’s. 

This year we can offer students the choice of a vocational strand in their education to allow them to study construction skills leading to a CSCS card or a professional qualification in Shellac Nails.  Allowing our students to leave school with an invaluable head start in seeking employment. 

We have expanded our capacity to pro actively safeguard our PPG students by training further DSL’s of whom one is designated Lead Professional with responsibility for improving attendance. 

How we will spend our funding in 2019/20 

Area of Spend  Our Target  Cost 
SEN  Every student who comes to the Chadwick will benefit from a full needs assessment.  

We will identify unmet need and give every student the support they need in being able to access the curriculum. 

This includes assessment, exam arrangements and specialist interventions. 


0.2 SENCO 

0.4 HLTA  


Attendance  Attendance initiatives to support the attendance of our PPG students. This includes free breakfast club and rewards trips. 

We have invested in additional teaching assistants to ensure that every PPG student has a key worker session each week at which attendance is promoted. 



Trip Budget 




Safeguarding  An additional DSL has been trained   
Attainment  Investment in quality teaching staff and in the appointment of an AHT with responsibility for quality of teaching and learning. 

Free revision guides 

Additional study opportunities 





Preparing for the future  Motivational and inspirational experiences such as visiting colleges and universities. 

CEIAG programme including, interviews, visiting speakers, CV, Careers Fair. 



  Total  £40,300 


By visiting OFSTED, parents / carers can view our latest OFSTED reports as well as historic reports.
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At Chadwick, we seek to provide opportunities for all our students to develop resilience and positive mental health.
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