Staffing Structure
Name Main Role Additional roles Email
Senior Leadership Team
Andrew Murray Head Teacher DSL
Lizzie Holland Deputy Head Teacher DSL
Deborah Gudojc AHT Teaching and Learning Science d.gudojc@chadwick.lancs.sch
Carol Ogden SENCO English
Pastoral Support Team
Lee Roberts Behaviour Support Manager N/A
Debs Williamson Behaviour Support/SEN Assessment N/A
Nicola Tremble Behaviour Support N/A
Val Manwaring Attendance Improvement DSL/Lead Professional
Alf Benson Maths Teacher Numeracy Lead
Nicola Palmer TA3 Maths Support N/A
Jo Mort English Teacher Literacy Lead
Sarah Holmes Science Teacher Geography Teacher
Carol Porter TA3 Science Support N/A
Bill Myall Humanities Teacher N/A
Creative Skills
Naomi Pollitt Creative Skills Lead CEIAG
Paula Smith Food Teacher N/A
Construction Skills
Lee Jackson Construction Skills Lead Web Site Compliance
Carl Lowther TA3 Construction Skills Support N/A
Physical Education
Alex Colquhoun PE Teacher N/A
Gavin Smith TA3 PE Support N/A
Jenny Pye PHSE Teacher N/A
Debbie Garman

Emma Driver

TA3 Medical Group Support N/A

School Administration
Marina McCullough School Business Manager Data Protection Officer

Debbie McGuinness School Business Officer

School Exams Officer


Dawn Hodsman School Office Administrator N/A
Tracy Barlow School Business Officer

Attendance Administrator

Attendance Administration


By visiting OFSTED, parents / carers can view our latest OFSTED reports as well as historic reports.
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At Chadwick, we seek to provide opportunities for all our students to develop resilience and positive mental health.
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We’ve provided links to a number of external resources that can help both KS3 and KS4 pupils with revision.
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The purpose of our policies is to provide a simple, practical framework for staff, learners and parents / carers.
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