Starting at Chadwick?

Every student who comes to the Chadwick is recognised as an individual and is treated as such.  We value the relationships we develop with our students and we celebrate their successes.

From supporting students to start re-engaging with school to helping them complete applications for college or apprenticeships the Chadwick will be there for you at every step.

For new students it is always a worry about starting somewhere different, however at the Chadwick we are always starting new students and you wont be new for long!  Settling in and making friends is easy and developing life long friendships with other young people with shared interests is common.

Please read the testimonies of past and present students who have shared their Chadwick experience……


Amanda, aged 15

Before I went to Chadwick I found it hard at school.  I was always pushed around because of how crowded the halls are, I would get bullied as well.

I was nervous coming to the Chadwick and I didn’t think I would make any friends but I did and the teachers are very nice here.  The classrooms don’t have a lot of people in them so its a lot calmer.

My favourite lessons are Art and Food.  

Spencer, aged 15

I like going to Chadwick because the teachers are nice, the lessons are good, especially RE, and the classrooms are small.  Its a relaxed environment to work in.

Isabelle, aged 14

Since I have come to the Chadwick I have opened up a lot, I have met a person who has become my friend.  The classes are smaller and not as busy making it a lot calmer.  The teachers listen more and they don’t shout.  They also don’t make us walk through the corridors.  They have taken us out to places like the theatre and they make sure everything is alright and that we know what is going on and what we are doing.

Lydia, aged 14

It is better than mainstream school because there are small class sizes, less noise and no bullying.  People are easier to talk to here.  I like my teachers much more and I made a friend that I’m going to keep in touch with.  We went to a Careers Fair and Blackpool pleasure beach was very good.