Construction Skills

Curriculum Intent 

In the last financial year, the Northwest took over Greater London as the second biggest source of building new homes. The construction industry in the Northwest is booming! There are many different professions within the industry which all require highly skilled and knowledgeable tradespeopleIn our newly built construction area, pupils will have a fantastic and unique opportunity to build lifelong practical skills and knowledge in areas such as Carpentry and Joinery, Plastering, Brickwork and Painting and Decorating whilst attaining entry level into this dynamic industry through completing an NOCN national Cskills qualification.  

Curriculum Map 

HT1  HT3  HT5 
Health and safety in Construction (Theory) 

Using basic tools 

Basic wood joints Rabbet, Mitre, Cross-halving, Butt and Dowel joints  


Handling and Storing Components (Theory) 

Cutting and fixing profiles- skirting and dado  


Tiling to different  surfaces  

Carpentry project 2 (Chair) 

Mixing materials (Theory) 

Brickwork continued (Blockwork) 

Erecting structural Timber (External framework) 

Carpentry project 3 (shelf) 

HT2  HT4  HT6 
Basic wood joints: Bridle, Dovetail and Mortice & Tenon joints 

Fixing plasterboard  


Carpentry project 1 (Coffee table) 

Introduction to basic tiling  


Cut, lay and fix materials 

Brickwork continued (Blockwork) 

Chiselling out for and fitting ironmongery (Deadlocks and door handles) 




Fixing components (Theory) 

Applying decorative finishes  

Paint and wallpaper 

Fixing shelf to partition wall  

Cutting and fixing architrave 

Curriculum Justification 

With the construction industry thriving again, there are more than 2.2 million people employed with just over 194,000 construction companies employing more than one person. The Cskills Award in Carpentry and Joinery offered at Entry Level 3 (8 Credits), Level 1 Award (11 Credits) and Level 1 Certificate (14 Credits) offer pupils a starting point from which to progress onto college to complete a Level 2 or 3 in advanced site carpentry and joinery. Additionally, the ASDAN construction vocational taster certificate provides the first step in pursuing a Level 1 college course in construction multi-skills. With strong career links with both Lancaster and Morecambe and Kendal College, opportunities to progress are widely available.  

Working in the construction industry also offers a fantastic career with a great salary, and with construction projects happening all over the world, there are many opportunities to travel.  

Curriculum Development 

In the coming summer months the construction area will be expanding with an outside purpose built brickwork and groundworks area. This will be built by the pupils and will give them a taster of the more advanced aspects of structural construction. This will also prepare them for possible progression whilst still at Chadwick onto a Level 1 diploma in Construction multi-skills should they successfully complete a Level 1 certificate. This qualification will be available to students in their second year of KS4.  

Careers relevant to this subject 

Career Area  How this subject helps  Pathway 
Site carpenter and Joiner 



Painter and Decorator 



Site Manager 

Self Employed Builder 

Construction firm Manager 


To gain entry into the construction industry on a selected trade career you will require at the least a competent level of knowledge and skill to pursue your chosen profession.    Construction Entry 3, Level 1 award, Level 1 certificate 

ASDAN Construction taster certificate 



Level 1 Diploma in Construction multi skills 


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