Curriculum Intent

The Art curriculum at Chadwick High School encourages learners to experiment with a broad range of materials and arts processes alongside supporting them in their unique line of creative enquiry. By the time our students leave, they will have a solid foundation of experience in printmaking, drawing, collaging and painting, as well as opportunities to work on collaborative, large-scale artworks and to visit art galleries in major creative hubs, such as Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Learners will be able to build on their confidence and ability and will be encouraged to seek out artists that they are passionate about. Students will learn that art isn’t just about drawing and will be given the opportunity to explore different ways of making, such as abstract painting, photography and ceramics. All of these skills will go towards achieving an AQA GSCE in Fine Art and to building a varied portfolio which they can be proud of.

Curriculum Map

Term Key Stage 3 Key stage 4
HT 1 Architecture: Introduction

Sketchbook induction

Building materials

Local places

Working from a brief: Unit 1

Generating ideas

Sketchbook induction

Artist Research Checklist

HT 2 Architecture: Culmination

Building and drawing a city

Perspective Drawing


Looking Inward: Unit 1

Primary and Secondary Research

Terms Dictionary

Manipulating imagery

HT 3 Portraiture

Artist Research

Abstraction and Realism

Introduction to materials

Art Brut

Unit 2: AQA GCSE Specification

Choosing a topic

Art terms

Art movements: 1900s onwards

Exploring the mundane in art

HT 4 Still Life

Ancient art

Matisse – collage


Colour theory


Group presentation


Lino printing


HT 5 Ceramics

Grayson Perry: on pots and ‘British-ness’


Potteries history


Curating work

Mounting artwork

Group crits

HT 6 Textiles and crafts

Narratives in art


Weaving and building frame



Cross-curriculum collaboration

Displaying artwork

Creating posters/flyers

Next steps: college interviews

Building portfolios



Curriculum Justification

The Key Stage 3 curriculum introduces learners to a broad range of arts materials and encourages them to move away from the idea of ‘good art’ and ‘bad art’. Lots of pupils come to us with preconceived ideas about their creative ability. Through examining the wild and diverse world of modern art alongside varied art materials, each student should be able to access a way of making that works for them.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum introduces learners to the concept of working from a project brief and encourages pupils to examine their own interests as the source for their creative output. Experimentation with varied materials allows students to diversify their skill set and strengthens problem-solving skills. Alongside completing GCSE coursework, both year 10 and 11 pupils will learn how to mount, display and curate their own artwork and how to build a successful art portfolio which can be taken to future college interviews.

Curriculum Development

Over this year, the aim is to encourage learners to break away from the ideas about what makes art ‘good’. Pupils can lack confidence in their creative ability, but students will learn that the confidence comes over time after experimenting and having fun with new and challenging materials.

Chadwick High School is working towards the Artsmark Award, given by the Arts Council, England. This means that we are looking to improve creative provision for our learners, both inside and outside of school and seeking out partnerships with local creative hubs to enrich their learning.


Careers relevant to this subject

Career Area How this subject helps Pathway
Games Design Learning how to draw and render imagery to a good standard and about proportion. A-level Art, BA Games Design, BA Graphics, BTEC Art and Design.
Tattooing Drawing and maintaining focus. Creating unique designs. Apprenticeship at local tattooists. A-level in Art, BTEC Art and Design.
Artist Learning about a broad range of materials and processes. BTEC Art and Design, A-level in Art, BA Fine Art.
Special Effects Makeup Colour mixing and theory. Special Effects Makeup (LMC), Apprenticeships.


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