Curriculum Intent

At Chadwick High School the mathematics is set out to be ambitious in supporting all pupils learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to use maths in everyday life and to support them in their post 16 dreams. Very often pupils join us at Chadwick High School having low confidence in their mathematical ability, low attainment, having gaps in their knowledge and experiencing a range of barriers to learning. All these factors have meant that, our curriculum is set out for pupils to be the central focus, to cover all aspects of mathematics as set out by the national curriculum and to plug any gaps in their knowledge and remove this barriers to the best of our ability.

Our curriculum develops through the key stages, with a flow aimed on building upon pupils’ previous knowledge, mathematics skills, confidence levels and plugin their gaps.

In lessons starters are used to build upon mathematics skills and revisit previously learned topics so that these topics become embedded.

Progress is monitored throughout the year with assessment at the end of each half term and termly assessment.

Curriculum Map

Term Key stage 3c Year 10 Year11
HT 1 Number skills


Rounding and estimating








Pythagoras’ Theorem


HT 2 use the symbols =, ≠, <, >, ≤, ≥


properties of 2d and 3d shapes


Calculating space




Representing data


Averages and range


Straight line graphs


Probability 2


Scatter graphs and correlation


HT 3 Fractions



Calculating space 2





Direct and Inverse proportion



HT 4 Percentages



Algebra 1


Factors and multiples


Speed, density and pressure


Construction, loci and bearings

HT 5 Circles 1




Factors and multiples








Revision and Exams
HT 6 Presentation of data



Congruence and similarity


Probability 1



Curriculum Justification

As many of our pupils come from other local schools, at different stages of the school year, I have looked at all the local schools’ program of studies and schemes of learning to support our Chadwick High School’s curriculum map. This is to have the aim that many pupils joining us may flow into at any point of the year on arriving at our school.  The curriculum is to be built on where a pupil should be in their development and understanding of the subject but also support opportunities for pupils to fill any gaps in their knowledge. As some pupils are on a temporary alternate provision the curriculum is there to support pupils who may return to their school or move onto a new school.

Curriculum map is adaptable to support each pupil and is likely to change so that it meets the needs of the ever-changing pupil population.

For key stage 3 we follow a scheme f work based around topics and then differentiated across the year groups and induvial ability. The classes are taught in mixed aged groups and mixed ability.

At key stage 4 every pupil is given the opportunity of gaining a GCSE in mathematics to support pupils’ future so that they have the greatest possible choices post 16. We study AQA specification at GCSE and for pupils who are not able to access the GCSE course fully there is the option of AQA Entry Level Maths.

Gaining this qualification has led many of our former pupils opportunity of following many different pathways including A levels and apprenticeships including engineering.

Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum is always being developed to support our pupils at Chadwick High School, in the main aim in the near future are to develop the curriculum by.

Linking the whole school curriculum to support the development of mathematics in real life setting and in pupils career choice. This is down to knowing other subjects and how they need mathematics and adding this to our curriculum.

Developing the cultural capital aspects to the mathematics’ curriculum, developing personal, social, physical, spiritual, moral and the cultural.

Other  mathematical qualifications which could be offered to our pupils in the future.


Careers relevant to this subject

Career Area How this subject helps Pathway
Aerospace Maths is a vital part of all aspects of engineering and if you want to work in this area then you will need at least GCSE Maths at a Grade 5 or above. Apprenticeship from GCSE level or A level entry.

Employment opportunities are every high in this area for aircraft engineers and you can expect a very good salary.

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