Curriculum Intent 

Our mission is to positively impact students to encourage them to pursue a sport outside of school or as a future career. We travel around the Lancashire area, running a PRU/SEN football league to help give the students positive experiences of school life. The football here at Chadwick is extremely important to the students and the success they experience on the pitch helps build their confidence in other areas of the curriculum. Each year we take the students to different sporting events such as athletics competitions, cross country competitions and regular football tournaments which are always welcomed and enjoyed by our students.  

Last year we achieved great success in sport, the key stage three boys cross country team came first, with one student coming first. We were also extremely successful on the football pitch last year winning two tournaments and finishing second and third place in two others. Our mixed cross country team across both key stages enjoyed another successful day winning several gold, silver and bronze medals. The students are always eager to represent the school and PE and Sport is really popular here at Chadwick; it is something we are extremely proud of and passionate about.  

Curriculum Justification 

The PE department offers two qualifications at Key Stage 4: the short course and the full course through Edexcel. This course has been adopted by the school as the students who come to us predominately pick PE for the practical element, therefore this course aligns with this as there is one exam and two practical sports to complete for the short course, which is the most popular choice amongst the students. The full course requires coursework to be completed as well as substantial theoretical knowledge to learn. We are looking at running a BTEC Sport qualification which can provide a pathway for students to continue at college. The school have links to both Myerscough College and Lancaster and Morecambe College, and are discussions about which courses will be appropriate for our students to pursue.  

Curriculum Development 

At Chadwick we aim to offer a diverse and engaging range of activities for all of our students to enjoy. We strive to give students an opportunity to participate in sports and activities that they can enjoy and may not have the opportunity to access outside of school. All of our practical lessons are off site which allows access to some state of the art facilities such as the local climbing wall, zip wire and free fall jumps. Additionally we take the students to a local boxing gym where they develop and build confidence, instil respect and help build their social development.   

Careers relevant to this subject 

Career Area  How this subject helps  Pathway 
PE Teacher  PE GCSE is a vital option as you learn the theatrical knowledge, you know how the course works and you are passionate about the subject.   BTEC and A Level Physical Education Courses. 


Football Coach  Participated in various PE lessons which have different session plans delivered in football. (Rondos, possession, 2v2, 3v3)  Employment opportunities for football coaching. 

Curriculum Map  

Week   Summary of content to be taught 
Health, fitness and well-being  
1  Physical, emotional and social health – physical 
2  Physical, emotional and social health – emotional and social 
3  Lifestyle choices 
4  Impact of lifestyle choices 
5  Sedentary lifestyles and consequences 
6  Balanced diet and the role of nutrients 
7  Dietary manipulation for sport – carb-loading and protein intake 
8  Dietary manipulation for sport – hydration 
9  Optimum weight 
Applied anatomy and physiology  
10  Functions of the skeletal system 
11  Classification of bones 
12  Structure of the skeletal system 1 
13  Structure of the skeletal system 2  
14  Classification and roles of muscles 
15  Location and roles of key voluntary muscles – lower body 


Week   Summary of content to be taught 
16  Location and roles of key voluntary muscles – upper body 
17  Antagonistic muscles 
18  Fast and slow twitch muscle fibres 
19  Fast and slow twitch muscle fibres – practical application 
20  Structure and function of the cardiovascular system – function 
21  Structure and function of the cardiovascular system – structure 
22  Arteries, capillaries and veins 
23  Vascular shunting 
24  Components of blood and their significance for physical activity 
25  Respiratory system – composition of air; lung volumes 
26  Location and roles of principal components of respiratory system 
27  Structure and function of alveoli 
28  Muscular-skeletal system 
32  Cardio-respiratory system 


Applied anatomy and physiology 
1  Aerobic and anaerobic exercise 
2  Short-term effects of exercise 
3  Short-term effects of exercise 
4  Using a PEP to develop personal health  
5  Long-term effects of training on the musculo-skeletal system 
6  Long-term effects of training on the musculo-skeletal system 
7  Long-term effects of training on the cardio-respiratory system 
8  Long-term effects of training on the cardio-respiratory system 
Movement analysis  
9  Lever system – first, second and third class levers 
10  Using levers in sport 
11  Mechanical advantage in sport and physical activity 
12  Mechanical advantage in sport and physical activity 
13  Movement possibilities at joints; utilisation of movement in 
physical activity 
14  Different joint actions 
15  Joint classification and impact on movement axes 


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