Don’t just take our word for, read what our parents think of our amazing school….


 Are you happy with the progress your child has made since starting at Chadwick? 

  • “I’m really pleased about his progress. He has thrived since joining Chadwick! He has made friends, he is much happier in himself at home” 
  • “He really struggled at Primary and Mainstream, Chadwick has been a breath of fresh air” 
  • “Loves coming to Chadwick, happy to attend, hated going to school in the past” 
  • “More progress made at Chadwick than when anywhere else” 
  • “Overall really positive, a good experience for him compared to Mainstream” 
  • “His mental health is much improved since being at Chadwick. He feels safe and it is a supportive environment” 
  • “Progress is better, he is not anxious about attending school” 
  • “Mum really pleased, he is coming out of his shell” 
  • “Yes she has come on leaps and bounds” 
  • “I think the staff do a very good job and go above and beyond for my daughter” 
  • “Amazing, brilliant, what a transformation in her” 
  • “Since joining Medical he is a lot happier, he comes home happy” 
  • “Yes definitely, I would be happy for him to stay there! I think he is doing better than mainstream” 
  • “Yes, really impressed with the Army provision that Chadwick offers. His manners, his attitude, all improved, much improved at home” 
  • “Chadwick has gone above and beyond for my child” 

Are you happy with the communication you receive from Chadwick? 

  • “Communication from school is really good” 
  • “Yes, brilliant! Other schools haven’t been as good” 
  • “Yes brilliant” 
  • “Good Communication especially with the key worker” 
  • “All good, speaks to staff daily” 
  • “Communication is great, very helpful” 

What was your experience of the admission process when your child was referred to Chadwick? 

  • “Admissions, good” 
  • “At first a bit nervous about him going to Chadwick, but I think now it’s worked out really well” 
  • “Able to ask questions and get answers straight away” 
  • “The Admission meeting was very helpful” 
  • “All straightforward and easy” 
  • “Chadwick was excellent, the communication is great, I like the fact I can ring school and be able to communicate with staff easily. Mainstream was not so good” 

Are you happy with what Chadwick provides for your child? 

  • “Invaluable to him, excellent provision, much needed” 
  • “To take my child to where they were to where they are now is remarkable” 
  • “Really impressed with the provision Chadwick offers” 
  • “Provision is amazing and a life saver” 
  • “Yes above and beyond” 
  • “Issues always addressed” 
  • “Everybody is great, no problems at all, well impressed” 
  • “Everyone at Chadwick has been excellent in supporting my own problems and my sons, it’s been great” 
  • “100% yes! He has had more chances and opportunities in this last year than ever before at Mainstream”