Curriculum Intent 

Religious Education now forms a compulsory part of the curriculum for our KS3 and a GCSE option for KS4 students  at Chadwick. 

The Religious Education program gives our students the opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of faith, life, ethics and the world around us.  It provides an excellent opportunity for your child to engage with meaningful issues, developing social, cultural, political, philosophical and historical awareness. 

Curriculum Map

Term  Key Stage 3  Key stage 4 
HT 1  World religions, My place in the world  The nature of God 
HT 2  Life and death, ultimate questions   Saints, belief (Christian)  
HT 3  Christian Culture and traditions   God in Islam  
HT 4  Islamic Culture and traditions   The five pillars of Islam 
HT 5  Morals, crime and religion   Jihad  
HT 6  People of the world   Jesus and salvation  

Curriculum Justification 

In Religious Education your child will learn how to respect themselves and others as well as developing an understanding of their own identity. Throughout the program we will focusing on developing respect others, as well as understanding rights and responsibilities of individuals.  Your child will also develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, leadership and research skills. All these skills are transferable to other subjects and will put your child on a steady footing for the future.   

 Curriculum Development 

Throughout the course careful consideration is given to enhancing the learning experience for your child, by including current and topical events. 

At Chadwick we are always looking for new and exciting ways to develop your Childs knowledge in a nurturing and caring environment 

 Careers relevant to this subject 

Career Area  How this subject helps  Pathway 
Therapy, Law enforcement, Military, Education    RE provides a wide range of skills that can and will help, when entering into the world of employment. The ethical and moral compass that we strive to develop within our students provides an excellent grounding for the aforementioned careers   Many employers such as the MOD offer direct employment straight from school through a foundation collage or an apprentice scheme. 





By visiting OFSTED, parents / carers can view our latest OFSTED reports as well as historic reports.
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At Chadwick, we seek to provide opportunities for all our students to develop resilience and positive mental health.
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