Our new E-Learning platform is quickly growing and it is our aim that students will be able to access an almost identical learning experience at home as they would in class.

How do I access E-Learning?

You will need a device that can connect to the internet, a laptop, PC or tablet that can operate WORD and POWERPOINT is ideal. Don’t worry if your device doesn’t have this software as your new school email allows you to download Microsoft Office for free. If you only have a phone you can still access the E-Learning but it will eat up your bandwidth.

The starting point is the school website, under “Curriculum” navigate to “Remote Learning Resources” and choose “Student Email Login”. This will take you to the Office 365 Welcome screen. From here you can access all your lessons at anytime you want, new lessons will be posted at the start of every week, all lesson materials will be uploaded to Student SharePoint and live lessons will be held in Microsoft Teams.

Direct Links:

Student Email Portal: Office.com

Student SharePoint: SharePoint

Student Teams: Teams

Class Timetables

Students that are remote learning, are to follow the same timetable that they would do as if they were in school. All lesson materials are available in SharePoint and lessons will be live in Teams as per the timings on each class timetable.

Class Timetables: SharePoint Link

What’s it going to be like, E-Learning?

On the Student Share Point there are subject folders.

If you are timetabled for “English” then you would open that folder and then open the folder for your form ie 10A.

You also need to open “Teams” and choose the “Staff name and subject” for that lesson ie English – Carol. The Teacher can then give you direction to todays lesson.

Each lesson has its own folder and different students may be on different lessons in the class, much like it is in school.

Within each Lesson Folder there will usually be a Power Point for the lesson, some additional resources or links and a worksheet for you to complete.

It is very important that you follow the teachers instructions to get the most from the lesson, as its E-Learning it may be a bit slower to get going than in the regular class but hopefully as we all become more competent and familiar with the systems this will become easier.

You will be asked to either “upload” the worksheet into the lesson you have been doing or to email it to the teacher directly.

If you miss the teacher then you can still get the lesson done but without “live” teacher support, you can still ask for help and pose questions but you might need to wait for a response.

Is this going to affect my education?

No, it won’t is the simple answer. We are going to maintain our delivery of the National Curriculum and GCSE curriculum for each subject. Lessons are in line with our stated curriculum maps which you can find on our subject pages on the school website. Students are still going to be assessed and supported. Our teachers are working flat out to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by the closure of schools.

If you have any concerns please contact the school.