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Policy Review Date Link
Accessibility Plan Sep 2023 1 – Accessibility Plan SEPT 2020-2023
Admission Policy Sep 2022 Admission Policy
Attendance and Punctuality Sep 2023 Attendance & Punctuality SEPT 2021-2023
Behaviour Management Policy Sep 2022 BMP including Statement on Behaviour Sep 2021
Charging and Remissions Policy Sep 2022 Charging & Remissions Policy SEPT 2021-2022
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy Sep 2022 Safeguarding Policy 2021-2022
Complaints Procedure Sep 2023 12 – Complaints Policy SEPT 2021-2023
E-Safety Policies Sep 2023 E-Safety Policy
Equalities Policy April 2023 Equalities Policy APR 2019-2023
Freed of Information Requests September 2024 Freedom of Information Policy
Internal Appeals November 2022 Internal Appeals Procedures
Mobile Devices Policy April 2023 Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Devices MAY 2021
SEN Policy September 2022 SEN Policy SEPT 2021-2022
Literacy Policy Sep 2022 Chadwick Literacy Policy 2021-2022


By visiting OFSTED, parents / carers can view our latest OFSTED reports as well as historic reports.
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At Chadwick, we seek to provide opportunities for all our students to develop resilience and positive mental health.
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We’ve provided links to a number of external resources that can help both KS3 and KS4 pupils with revision.
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The purpose of our policies is to provide a simple, practical framework for staff, learners and parents / carers.
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