Chadwick High School Development Plan 2019/20

Our school development plan has identified 5 areas for development and within each area there are 4 focus areas. The 5 areas being;

• Curriculum

• Quality of Teaching

• Safeguarding

• Personal Development

• Leadership and Management

For each of the 4 focus areas milestones are updated at the end of each term and the impact of these milestones is evaluated termly.

The main difference in this SDP from previous is that the development targets are identified and set by the staff based on the information provided to them through lesson visits and work scrutiny each half term. Through the “coaching” model we have developed, the appraisal process has become a vehicle for constructive conversation around staff development and personal contribution to the development of the school, a developmental approach as opposed to judgemental.

Through setting and achieving targets, based on their own reflective practice within a coaching methodology, staff can identify their own strengths and areas for improvement and the impact they can have on whole school development. The importance of the individual contribution to the improvement of the whole is the message and through self accountability staff can judge for themselves what impact they are having.

If a school is to improve it has to be driven by the desire of staff within a supportive environment created by a caring and responsive leadership team.

The “coaching conversation” will create a broad range of personal targets which, when achieved, will become milestones which are then recorded within the SDP. Staff have to become familiar with the “Development Areas” and “Focus Areas” in the context of the over arching school vision which is “Improved outcomes and opportunities for all students”. This will keep their targets sharp and relevant to the SDP. There is also great benefit to the school in having the whole staff conversant with the SDP and understanding of how each individuals’ contribution supports whole school development.

Our CPD programme has the capacity to respond to the skills identified by staff in achieving their goals by dedicating one twilight each term to personal development.

School Development Plan for 2019/20

Chadwick SDIP 2019