Chadwick High School Development Plan 2020/21

Our school development plan has identified 5 areas for development and within each area there are 4 focus areas. The 5 areas being;

• Curriculum

• Quality of Teaching

• Safeguarding

• Personal Development

• Leadership and Management

For each of the 4 focus areas milestones are updated at the end of each term and the impact of these milestones is evaluated termly.

The school development plan is also underpinned by Lancashire Authorities AP Strategy with its key principles of;

  • increase the number of children and young people supported in mainstream provision  
  • reduce the number of exclusions from schools 
  • address the rising number of young people receiving home tuition 
  • stop off-rolling, leaving young people without education  
  • halt the increasing use of specialist provision  
  • ensure specialist provision is in the right locations  
  • increase the number of young people in education, employment and training

School Development Plan for 2020/21

Chadwick SDIP 2020-21