Preparation for Working Life

Short Course, Level 1 & 2

A pass in the Certificate is indicated by one of two levels, Level 1 and Level 2, of which Level 2 is the higher. A pass at Level 1 is broadly equivalent to attainment of a GCSE Short Course at Foundation tier. A pass at Level 2 is broadly equivalent to attainment of a GCSE Short Course at Higher tier.

The Preparation for Working Life specification is equivalent, in the size and demand placed on students, to a GCSE short course.

Aims and learning outcomes
This qualification aims to give students the skills, knowledge and understanding which will prepare them for working life, helping them to gain entry into work, training and further education and develop their future careers as confident individuals who are able to contribute positively to society.

It is an inter-disciplinary course which covers aspects of careers, health, personal safety, employment opportunities, applying for jobs and personal finance. Preparation for Working Life is a practical course in which students learn skills such as how and where to find employment opportunities, how to apply for jobs and courses, and how to prepare for an interview.

Elements of the course map on to programmes of study at Key Stage 4 for Citizenship and PSHE, such as personal and economic well-being and financial capability.

This specification has been designed to help students build the skills, knowledge and understanding which prepare them for working life, now and in the future, as confident individuals and members of society. The specification enables students to:

  • Gain a knowledge of finance, enterprises, working practices and how businesses are organised and run
  • Gain employability skills, such as the ability to problem-solve, to communicate effectively and to work well in a team

Subject content
The Subject Content is divided into nine main compulsory sections:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Healthy Lifestyles for work-life balance
  • Relationships and the Differences Between People
  • The Changing World of Work
  • Applying for Jobs and Courses
  • Economic and Financial Aspects of Life
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Enterprise Activities
  • Hazard Identification at Home, on the Roads and at Work.