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Year 11 GCSE Examinations

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Dear Parents 

Clarification on GCSE Exam Grades 

As a result of the disruption students and learners have faced due to the pandemic, the government has said that many exams and assessments cannot be held this year in a way which is fair. All parts of the education system are working together to make sure that you are still able to get your grades and can carry on with your lives, whether that is continuing with education or training, or going into the workplace. To be of value, qualifications must reflect what you know, understand and can do and must be widely understood and respected. 

We appreciate that this is a stressful time. There has been a great deal of uncertainty, and many of you will have missed out, not just on teaching and learning, but on the support offered by face-to-face contact with fellow students, friends, family and employers. 


For GCSEs, teachers will assess the standard at which you are performing based only on what you have been taught so that your school can determine your grade. Teachers’ judgements should be based on a range of evidence relating to the subject content that your teachers have delivered, either in the classroom or via remote learning. 

Teachers will be able to use evidence about your performance gathered throughout your course to inform their judgement. This might include work that you have already completed, mock exam results, homework or in-class tests. Your teachers may also use questions from exam boards, largely based on past papers, to help assess you, but this won’t be compulsory. Reasonable adjustments should be taken into account if you have a disability. 

The arrangements for this year are designed so that teaching and learning can continue for as long as possible, so your teachers’ judgement of your work should take place as late in the academic year as is practical. It’s important that you keep engaged in your learning and study as long as possible so that your hard work can be considered in your grade. And it will stand you in good stead for the next stage of your life. Teachers will tell you which pieces of work will count towards your grade, before your grade is submitted to the exam board. 

We know that some of you may be worried that you have not covered all the content for a particular subject. The exam board will not set any requirements about the minimum amount of content that should be taught or assessed, but will ask the head of your school to confirm that you have been taught enough content so that you can progress to the next stage of your education. We want you to make the best choices about your next steps and it wouldn’t be helpful if you started studying a subject at a higher level that you might struggle with. 

For GCSE art and design, your grade will be based on your portfolio only, whether or not you have finished it.  

When you will get your results 

We are working towards you receiving your results for GCSEs on 12 August. Results for vocational or technical qualifications linked to moving on to further or higher education should also be issued to students either on or before these dates. 


A student unhappy with their grade would submit an appeal to the school, so that they could check whether an administrative error had been made. If a centre does find an error in the grade submitted, it can submit a revised grade for the board to consider. If a centre does not believe an error had been made, the centre will appeal to the exam board on the student’s behalf, and will be supported to do so. 


8 Mar – 14 May 2021                                                             Teachers continue to deliver content and revision, building portfolio of evidence in exam type questions. Students will complete at least one assessed piece of work each week. 
17 May – 28 May 2021 Mock exams delivered across the school in class. Exams to be no more than 30 minutes in length to allow for concessions to be applied. The exam papers will be anonymised to add a further level of fairness. 
28 May 2021 Year 11 students break up 
7 Jun – 11 Jun 2021 Teacher moderation of CAG portfolio and exams 
14 Jun – 16 Jun 2021 Headteacher to review and sign off each CAG portfolio prior to submission to exam board. 
17 Jun – 18 Jun 2021 Submit grades to exam boards 
12 August 2021 Results published for GCSE 
13 August 2021 Appeals window opens